The Cosmic Journey Collective

Coming soon!!!  The Cosmic Journey will be opening a member community.  This community is to support each other on this journey called life. We will deconstruct the relationships we have with ourselves and reconstruct a relationship with ourselves that takes our journey farther than ever before. 

Stay Tuned!!!


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Theron. I am your Freedom Coach. I coach you by bringing freedom back into your life through balance. In my work, I use my training in Astrology to help dig deeper into the shadows that need to be integrated into the light.


How do I define Freedom? It has the sovereignty to make decisions without it being an obligation. It’s having the self-awareness to know what you need when you need it. It’s not waiting on others to fill those needs in life. It's taking time out of your day for yourself.  It’s getting inflow.


How do I help you achieve this? First, locate the place(s) you feel your life is out of balance. What’s weighing you down? I peak at your natal chart to get deeper insight.  Then we come up with a plan to balance freedom back into your life.


Why work with me? I understand placing everyone ahead of yourself and getting lost in relationships.  You burn out because there is no room for yourself.  You are always on call for others. I’m speaking from experience. This is not just a romantic relationship. This could show up at home, at work, organization, or in the community.  It’s derived from people-pleasing and co-dependency.


**Full transparency, this is something I worked through and still work on**


Here are my offerings:


Enlightenment Reading:  It is the natal chart reading. This is the snapshot of your life at the time where and when you were born. I use this as the first step toward your self-awareness. You don’t have to be into astrology to want a natal chart reading. This reading is required for the 12-week coaching program.


Here and Now Reading: If you have some insight about your natal chart, you can get a Here and Now reading to identify what’s happening in your life today.  There is no pre-requisite for this reading.  It does not go over the natal chart basics, this chart discusses current times.


A​ Year-Ahead Reading: This reading is a Solar Return reading.  It will give you insight into what to expect for the year ahead. It gives you themes to watch out for. 


Enlightenment Bundle: This is all the reading in one appointment. When this call is over, you will know your life’s blueprint, what’s going on right now, and what to expect ahead.


Alchemical Coaching Program: 12-week program to find and bring Freedom into your life. I assist you in getting clarity on what have you weighed down and I coach you into rebalancing your life to allow room for flow.


The Comic Journey Community: **COMING SOON** It will be a safe community where we provide each other the encouragement and strength to continue to self-improve. I offer energetic insights working with Astrology along with other tools and practices. There will be workshops and courses inside the community as well.


**DISCLAIMER** Astrology is not a fortune-telling tool.  I can not predict the future. Astrologers look at patterns from previous planetary placement to make assumptions about what could happen in current times. I can tell you what part of your life is being affected, for example, work, relationships, etc.  I can not tell you the specifics of how the event/situation could play out.**


Just an FYI, I'm a Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Capricorn Rising.  I am part woo-woo and part tough love. You will know that we are on this journey together. So I will be that safe space you need, but I will also call you out if needed as well.  


“This was wonderful! I really liked how you added the oracle card at the end, that was a nice touch. This reading really felt spot on! It perfectly described a situation that I’m experiencing and also how to handle it moving forward. Thank you so much!”

Stephanie D.


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