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01 Natal Chart Reading-- This reading is an overview of your chart at birth.  We look at the stronger elements in your chart that probably influence your life daily.                     $50

02 Abundance Chart Reading-- This reading is geared toward finding your potential for abundance. Now, this reading isn't all fun and roses, there could be blocks and challenges that need healing. If you feel stuck and want to know what your charts say, shoot me an email, and let us schedule a call.                     $50  

03 Here and Now Chart Reading-- This reading discusses current events/situations you could be experiencing. We take a look at your natal chart compared to the current chart.  This is a good reading to understand cosmically regarding the event/situations showing up in your life. For example, New Moon or Full Moon energy, Mercury Retrogrades, Mid-life crisis, etc.                     $50

04 The Year Ahead Chart Reading-- Do you want to know what to expect in your new year?  This is a Solar Return reading. We look at your chart on your birthday to make some assumptions about the theme of your hear ahead.                     $50

05 1:1 Coaching-- One on one coaching is life coaching centered around discoveries in your natal chart you would like to heal to overcome.  I hold your hand as you navigate goals you want to achieve in your life, business or personal.                    $ Upon consultaion.

06 Cosmic Journey Collective-- Here is a safe space for those on this cosmic journey to connect with each other. You find articles, energy updates, moon updates, tools and tips, meditations, and much more.                    $8 a month after 2 week trial. 



“Theron is a gifted communicator and can make complex astrology easy to grasp. She is thoughtful and highly intuitive in her approach and is right on the money with her interpretations. You can sense the love and kindness with which she does readings. I highly recommend her as a wise companion along your journey."

Coleen B. 

"Having Theron read my chart was so helpful. I love that the reading was delivered to my email in text form so I could journal along with the reading, and really focus on what was being said rather than have my head spinning during a live reading. I love that I can refer back to it as well. The format and design of the reading was warm, inviting, and created its own atmosphere of security even though I am in the midst of big life changes. Thank you, Theron!"

Jenn M.


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